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Radness Never Sleeps.


The good news for you is that I began my career in the music business. What that translates into is that I am a night owl and that my body and mind work beautifully with only a few hours of sleep. It also means that when calls, texts, and emails come in, you're getting an answer immediately. Ask my clients and they will say things like… "I emailed her at 9pm and got a response at 1am and a follow up call the next morning at 9.” When you hire me, I'm here for you. I understand that the reason you need me is because you're busy and don't have time to waste! I am your eyes, your ears and my nose is to the ground ensuring that you go to sleep at night worry free.

And yes, I've worked with rock stars, which means I know first hand how not to play by the rules. I've done weddings where the cocktail hour and toasts happen before the ceremony and had White Castle hamburgers inside each guest's cars as they left for the night. I get to know who you are, what makes you tick, what excites you and makes you say, "Wow, now that's cool!”If you're looking for run of the mill, cookie cutter, same old same old, its likely I'm not for you. If you want your event to truly be about you and leave your guests feeling like they just left the best party of their lives, I'm your girl..