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This is our answer to Day-Of Planning. At JBE, after years of working with brides as their Day Of Planner, I came to realize that this type of service was stressing out our clients much more than they need to be! I wanted and needed to find a better solution! I did! - MONTHLY PLANNING!

Think of this...Most Day Of planners start a month before your wedding. .The count down has begun - you have just spent a year planning, calling, emailing, obtaining contracts, and making sure that everything is set and in place! Whew..! I bet your tired and frazzled, and just want to get to the wedding day! Then, the phone rings... it's your Day Of planner who needs to know ALL of the things that you've been up to for the past year!

In order for your Day Of planner to be effective on your day, they need to know it ALL! So, the questions begin and the red flags start to waive! There's a problem with a contract or two, and while your currently in the midst of doing all of your final work - calling guests who haven't responded, working on your seating chart, and THEN have to print your place cards, your Day Of planner is letting you know that there's more work to be done!

"WHAT??!!", you scream! We feel your pain! Which is why we want to start much earlier than that so when we get to the 30 day mark, we are all on the same page, and any of the issues we've uncovered have already been handled.

Our MONTHLY PLANNING Service still allows you to hold the reins - it just enables us to come in much earlier with scheduled monthly phone calls so we can check in with you and see how you're doing and offer up any advice and help along the way!

We're there for you and on your big day, you are relaxed and can enjoy your wedding day stress and worry free! You can focus on simply being present in the moments of your wedding while we make sure everything is going according to your vision.

Managing all the details, coordinating with all of the vendors, organizing and planning all of the logistics and scrutinizing each and every detail is what we do best. We're sure you can handle it all, but why would you? - it's your day, ENJOY IT!